Friday, 19 August 2011

Sherrie has a tooth pulled

I was just thinking back to the time I had to have my tooth out, I can remember sitting in the waiting room, nervous, then I heard a voice call my name

I followed the Dental Nurse in to the small room climbed onto the big leather chair, the dentist then fastened a blue plastic bib round my neck and reclined the seat

She told me to open my mouth as wide as I could. I seen the long needle coming towards me and felt a sharp pain as she injected it into my gum to numb it

She then put cotton wool on each side of the tooth that was to be taken out. This was when she began pulling at my tooth with a plyer like object. While she was loosening my tooth, the dental nurse held a suction device in my mouth to suck up excess saliva.

Moments later my tooth was out and put into a paper packet for me to keep.

The dentist and dental nurse flashed there teeth to me and asked me to make an appointment for a later date as they would LOVE to see me again

Hope you like my story and I’d love to hear yours

Love Sherrie xx

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